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Leto Corporation offers an outstanding GPS tracking solutions for tracking your vehicles, employees and other resources.

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User friendly and affordable
GPS tracking system

Fleet Register

Create unlimited fleet types and fleets on FMS

Realtime Tracking

Track your moving vehicle for right direction for any delivery

Route Tracking

Route tracking helps the management to analyse the route models

idling hours notification

Understand the idle hours of any fleets on different locations

Service Reminders

Track the service alert reminders and make necesaary preventive steps for saving costs

After hour Alerts

When you vehicle moves on unauthorized hours, system notifies your team

GPS Tracking Management

Most companies struggle to effectively utilize their Vehicles and Field staff with our GPS tracking software solutions

  • Create Fleet and Staff Register
  • Route plan or tracking for the delivery or movement of vehicle
  • Idle Hours notifications for acheving non working hours
  • After hour notifications for acheiving usage of vehicles movement
  • Fuel Alerts serves you to get total running hours
  • Dynamic dashboard gives decision making reports
  • Service centre module provides the service due for the vehicle
  • Keep live track of your vehicle and staff or associated with other resources
  • Use for Sales & Service Tracking, Delivery & Trucks Traacking and Asset Tracking
  • Process moving register

Type of GPS Tracking

Leto Corporation serves the following GPS facility types.

  • Mini GPS Tracking Device for vehicle and Motocycles
  • Satellite GPS tracking Devices
  • GPS Tracking Smart Tags
  • GPS Tracking Stickers
  • Magnetic GPS tracking locator
  • GPS Tracking for Vehicles, Drone,Field Equipment, Fleet Equipment, Heavy Equipment, People, Shipment
  • Fleet Management GPS Tracker, Drone GPS Tracker, Boat GPS Tracker, Kid GPS Tracker, Elderly GPS Tracker, Truck GPS Tracker, Car Dealership GPS Tracker, Local Government GPS Tracker, Pet GPS Tracker, Teen Driver GPS Tracking Device , Employee GPS Tracker, Flower Delivery GPS Tracker, Bike GPS Tracker, Tourists GPS Tracker, Motorcycle GPS Tracker, Musical Instruments GPS Tracker

Request for services

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