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Leto Project management software is the modern way to reign in workspace chaos so you can tackle your deliverables in peace.

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A modern business needs more
workflow for your projects.

Tender & Estimation

Register your tender details and Estimation processes

Project Planning

Our project planning module integrates with Primavera solutions

Budgeting Resource Plan

Create work breakdown structure and manage budget for resources

Key Performance Indicators

Implement key performance indicators and send ontime by mail

workflow and Colloboration

Every project is integrated with our workflow management

Cloud based

Leto PRMS is cloud based system and initially you go digital without infra costs

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Why Leto PRMS Solutions?

Advanced system with Cloud based technologies

Access anywhere anytime basis with controlled access permissions for different locations.

Improved Business Reporting

A single source of truth – one integrated database for all business processes

Business Process Improvements

Automate manual or routine tasks, Implement smarter workflows and Gain efficiency.

Project Management System

In Order to complete the project on time with less resources, need to have better planning of purchasing or renting resources.

  • Create Unlimited projects
  • Develope Cost break down structure as Activities and Sub Activities
  • Register Tender and Tender details with payments
  • Pre-tender equiry management for materials, labors, sub contracts, and other expenses
  • Prepare the estimated budget and submit
  • Project management provides best cost control options
  • Project closure and Report generations with Gannt chart
  • Mobile Apps helps in updading all flows related to any case/matter
  • Automated workflow management helps your business to send emails on right time for the customer
  • Document Submittal Register

Type of Projects

Letosys serves the following Project types in dubai-abudhabi-uae-fujairah-sharjah-rasalkhaimah-alain-ummal.

  • Construction Project Management
  • Educational Project Management
  • Factilities Project Management
  • Healthcare Management
  • Hospital Project Management
  • Property facilities Project Management
  • Production, Sales Project Management
  • Retail Project Management
  • Oil and Gas Infrastructure Management
  • Production planning and control projects Management
  • Public Services Projects Management

Request for services

Find out more about how we can help your organization to implemnet project management system. Let us know your interest in Project management consultancy in dubai-abudhabi-uae-fujairah-sharjah-rasalkhaimah-alain-ummal quwain.

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