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Shape powerful business workflow mechanism of promoting your business with Jet speed for teams of all sizes

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An Exceptional Workflow software
Designed for team-wide collaboration


Create unlimted project or jobs on cloud


Create unlited user profiles and assign to project works


Integrated and smart tasks management with deadlines

Approval Setup

Manage approval setup with serial or parallel approval process


Create workbench and assign more users for content edit and approve

Activity Log

Seamless acitivity tracking with complete log events

Data workflow management software companies in dubai-abudhabi-sharjah-uae

Why Centralx Workflow Management?

Day to Day Activities on your Phone

Create unlimited acitivities and sub activities for your projects.

Paperless approval and Store documents

Electronic Approval with Digital Stamp and store documents with Meta keywords.

Powerful communications and Alerts

Integrated APIs are working as Powerful tools for email, sms and Whatsapp Alerts.

ERP Workflow management solutions in Dubai-abudhabi-sharjah-uae

CentralX Workflow Features

By Implementing CentralX Hub, your company will become a centralized process of all operations into a single window. When your company needs top to bottom workflow with document management, it plays vital role to maximize the results in Dubai| Abu dhabi | UAE.

  • Create projects, Activities and Tasks
  • Assign Team and link with tasks, records all happening related to tasks
  • Centralx provides centralized respository for document collaboration
  • Manage task expiry reminders and overdue reminders for every tasks
  • Our Setup approval windows gives flexibility to approve from email without login
  • Integrated Mobile Apps push notifications, Chatbot fastens your task operations
  • Centralx Hub is integrated with existing ERP process, Email Servers and your Domain Controller
  • Prepare your central operation of all your Systems, Network and Infrastructure including building modelling system
  • Integrate your Google Drive, Zoom Meetings, Google Meet and Whatsapp Chat Messengers

How workflow will be helpful?

In General, workflow processes automate your daily functions to prepare your company from manual to fully automated process in Dubai| Abu dhabi | UAE..

  • Streamlines your Emails, Document drafts, approvals, integrations, Operations
  • Streamline and speed up internal processes by reducing manual entry and request handling.
  • Speeds your communications related to any task assigned for any team to reduce incidental errors
  • Speeds your approval process and reduce time to promote productivity
  • Reduce the risk of improperly approved requests, contracts, hires, etc.
  • Provide a unified, personalized request experience for employees.
  • Monitor team progress against Service Level Agreements.
  • Eliminate circumvention of organizational business rules.
  • Manages single or parallel tasks effectively

Best Features

In General, to maintain a competitive advantage in the market place, firms need to balance the resources available to achieve the desired results of profitability. The effective management of human resources in a firm to gain a competitive advantage in the market place and it requires time and accurate information on current employees and potential employees in the labor market.

  • LetoHRMS Offers recruitment software for General and recruitment companies.
  • Employee Requisition to HR Department with Automatic Notifications
  • Job Classifications and Requirement posting online
  • Ad Management and Partners details management
  • Register Applicants and CV creation directly or from Recruitment PartnersJob Applications : Receive CV's Online, Online Resume Management, Job Alert Notifications for an Applicants
  • CV Short listing and Interview Scheduling
  • Interview Summary: Selected Candidates Database, Employment Offers and Contract Negotiation

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