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Hybrid. Open. Resilient. Your platform and partner for digital transformation of existing or required Cloud Services

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We provide effortless cloud computing
service for your IT requirements

Public Cloud

Leto Clouds provides shared cloud platform with less budgets

Private Cloud

We maintain your completely company data into private servers

Cloud Infrastructure

We professionally build the cloud servers for your type of requirements

Cloud Migration

if you would like to migrate data or application to another cloud we are the solution partner.

Cloud Maintenance

We Maintain your cloud details, server and data including documents

Software Management

We install software and services on your public or private clouds and maintain.

Cloud Management Services

With Leto Corporation professionals bring right cloud management techniques to maintain your business IT infrastructure based on the needs

  • our Cloud infrastructure includes networks, database, data management and storage
  • we manage both public and private clouds for your infra requirements
  • we provide serverless computing with best experience
  • We manage and provide Platforms such as Linus, middleware
  • Cloud server need to install software required for the business
  • Provide multiple software platforms for the installation
  • Managing resources with Workflow processing
  • Implementing Security risk implementation
  • Integrated with Leto CentralX Hub management
  • Managing document collaboration

Type of Cloud Services

Leto Corporation serves different types of cloud services in dubai-abudhabi-sharjah-fujairah-uae-ummalquwain-rasalkhaimah.

  • Public sharing cloud infrastructure
  • Privare cloud infrastructure
  • Cloud ERP-HRMS implenentation
  • Cloud software services implementation
  • Cloud data storage solutions
  • Cloud security infrastructure solutions
  • Cloud network services
  • Cloud data center solutions
  • Infra cloud solutions providers
  • Cloud facilities management providers

Request for services

Find out more about how we can help your cloud setup and services. Let us know your areas of interest so that we can serve you better.

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