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Why do you deal with traditional server based local content when Leto Corporation provides the corporate-legal content saving technology with complete workflow management on the cloud. .

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Keep your document with digital safe
with maximized searching techniques

Document Profile

Create Document Profile with multiple pages or combined

Document Indexing

Create Indexing details and scan details


Collaborate document with different users and groups or external users

Document Search

LetoDMS scan documents with read OCR and make it ready for any search

Workflow Management

Implement best practiced workflow to manage and control your documents

Cloud based

Leto document management is completely cloud based with private and public options

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DMS Dubai vendors

Why Leto DMS Solutions?

Advanced system with Cloud based technologies

Access anywhere anytime basis with controlled access permissions for different locations.

Improved Business Reporting

A single source of truth – one integrated database for all business processes

Business Process Improvements

Automate manual or routine tasks, Implement smarter workflows and Gain efficiency.

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Document Lifecycle Management

Leto Corporation simplifies your document workflowflow process, and it's integrated with our CentralX Hub workflow management

  • Create unlimited projects and Work breakdown structure
  • Manage Activities and Sub Activities based on the department needs
  • Profile your document with Keywords for flexible searching
  • Attach document with Tasks and workflow process
  • Document Approval is setup based on Serial and Parallel Workflow process
  • OCR module scan your document with complete content for better search optimization
  • Create Workspace and colloborate documents with Version control
  • Convert any document to different types and upload unlimited documents
  • Document Archival and Expiry management gives your document to take away from folder

Cloud DMS

LetoEDMS provides best control on your company physical document data accurate on cloud in dubai-abudhabi-uae-fujairah-sharjah-ummalquwain

  • Create unlimited category folders for your company
  • Integte your Google drive or any other drive with letoedms
  • Convert your content and save it safe in local or cloud servers
  • Integrated Facility system providers document barcoding system
  • Automatic content OCR system gives you perfect control on cloud
  • Create unlimted forms on cloud and share with clouds
  • Integrated with CentralX Hub System
  • Optimize your document saving data types for controlling your space on clouds
  • Faster performance with workflow management

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