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Leto Corporation provides high volume backlog archive scanning services on and off site and also provide ongoing scanning services for your daily document digitization needs

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We provide onsite dedicated team for
digitizing your document


Create Indexing details and scan details

Document Scanning

We analyze and scan all your physical document with indexing

Keyword Analyzer

billionX identifies auto keywords and save it in database for better search

Document Search

Search document with keyworkd, document content or block contents with different options

Cloud backup Services

We keep your document as digisafe in our cloud as backup

Document Tracking

track your documents for incoming and outgoing works with barcode

Document Indexing Management

Leto Corporation provides dedicated onsite professionals for document scanning and indexing and tracking services in dubai-abudhabi-sharjah-fujairah-uae-ummalquwain-rasalkhaimah

  • Create Project or Folder Structure
  • Prepare Work Breakdown Structure
  • Folder Management
  • Document and ID card Scanner with Keywords processing
  • Document Search Management
  • Document Tracking with correct location details
  • Folder arrangement with security management
  • OCR control helps in scanning all contents and storing in Database
  • Integrated with CentralX workflow hub management
  • Integted with other servers like Emails and backup

Type of Indexing Services

Leto Corporation serves the following facilities for indexing in dubai-abudhabi-sharjah-fujairah-uae-ummalquwain-rasalkhaimah.

  • Physical files scanning
  • Physical file storage management
  • Electronic storage scanning system
  • Indexing solutions providers
  • Elecronic storage management
  • Document storage solutions
  • Document scanning and storage solutions
  • Energy sector document indexing solutions
  • Insurance sector document indexing services
  • Public Services document indexing services

Request for services

Find out more about how we can help your organization with document indexing solutions in dubai-abudhabi-sharjah-fujairah-uae-ummalquwain-rasalkhaimah. Let us know your areas of interest so that we can serve you better.

+971 55 988 2240 | sales@Letocorporation.com