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Letosys allows for the monitoring of the procuring process to determine how actual performance compares with planned activities, and thus to alert the pertinent departments and adjust the procurement plan accordingly.

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Back to back procurement system
have been implemented with right process

List Material/Services

Full-fledged Inventory management software on cloud

Plan to Procure

Effective procurment planning before starting projects

Budget for Procurement

Create smart budgeting for every procurement for local and overseas

Supply Chain

Perfect supply chain management helps to plan for delivery

Demand Management

Create list of items based on the international and local demands

Cloud based

Leto PRMS is cloud based system and initially you go digital without infra costs

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Why Leto Procurement Solutions?

Advanced system with Cloud based technologies

Access anywhere anytime basis with controlled access permissions for different locations.

Improved Business Reporting

A single source of truth – one integrated database for all business processes

Business Process Improvements

Automate manual or routine tasks, Implement smarter workflows and Gain efficiency.

Procurement Planning

Leto eProcurement portal helps with your vendor registration process, submitting their quotes with extensive price comparison management in dubai-abudhabi-sharjah-fujairah-uae-ummalquwain-rasalkhaimah..

  • Create unlimited Items and Services
  • Manage vendor category, qualification and terms based through portal
  • Create Procurement plan and Budget for procurement with schedules by local and international
  • Float inquiry to the registered vendors and receive aknowledgement of EOI
  • Update the Prices and prepare Price comparison sheet
  • Finalize the Vendor with POA
  • billionX supply chain helps in managing your supply chain throgh out the process
  • Manage LC agreements and Transfers
  • Update the Demand price hike based on the arrival of materials

Cloud Procurement Portal

LetoPRMS provides best control on your Procurement data with vendor management and registration portal in dubai-abudhabi-sharjah-fujairah-uae-ummalquwain-rasalkhaimah.

  • Enable cloud procurement website for vendor registration
  • Integrated with ERP, Mailing and communication system
  • Integrated with Cloud document management system
  • Vendor portal activation worklflow management system
  • Post tender and inquiries based on the vendors and notification system
  • Prequalify tenders and payment gateway system for tender payment processing
  • Finalize the tenders and notify to the vendors for further processing with LOI
  • Manage comparision different proposal based on the Grid methodology
  • Vendor Contract management system

Request for services

Find out more about eProcurement implementaton in dubai-abudhabi-sharjah-fujairah-uae-ummalquwain-rasalkhaimah. Let us know your areas of interest so that we can serve you better.

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